March 1, 2010


After being promoted on fashion runways the last couple of years, purple seems to be the big color at the moment.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is featuring purple on their table tops for their gala event at Barker Hanger on Saturday March 13th.   And the Academy Awards Oscars Ball highlights purple in its room décor on Sunday March 7th.   More and more clients seem to be attracted to purple in their floral pieces as well.    

The tricky thing about using purple in floral arrangements is that it often works best when mixed with other colors.  Purple hues in shades ranging from pale lavender to deep violet can be gorgeous and subtle.  Often, however, larger settings may demand a little more punch by using a bright contrasting color to set it off.  In the case of FIDM we are using brilliant lime green orchids and spider mums to heighten deep purple tones.  For the Oscar Ball, we are using accents of hot orange and minimal yellow and setting it off with copper table top elements. 

These days there are more purple toned flowers available than ever before, including new varieties of orchids, roses, hydrangea, lisianthus, tulips and dahlias. 

It’s a great addition to the florist’s color palette.


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