The Private and Public Gardens of Chicago

July 7, 2010

Every area of the country has its own unique style and it’s not any different when it comes to flowers and gardens.  We love to visit other regions because each geographic area exhibits plant species we never see locally.  Outside of Southern California, the gardening is significantly different, largely due to the seasonal changes, the freezing winters, humid summers and the different varieties of soil.  The enthusiasm for private gardens in Chicago is so refreshingly exuberant and an honest excitement sets in when people can finally get outdoors after a long cold winter and start their planting; and then there is the sheer joy of watching everything bloom in spring and summer.  While visiting there recently, we were able to tour some of the beautiful private gardens in the Lake Forest community, under the guidance of our friend Sylvia Dunbeck.

The garden of the Deerpath Inn is quaint and charming.

We also visited the lovely, secluded gardens of Gregory and Denise Schlax.  Take a look at this hidden oasis, an absolutely lovely and calming environment.

Here is our guide Sylvia, at the top of her game.

Next we visited the elaborate grounds designed and cultivated by Lynn and Clay Pruitt.  It is obvious this is done out of pure love.  Everyone says that both Lynn and Clay do the work, but Clay gives full credit to Lynn who seems to possess  boundless energy.

Watch for our next posting which will show our visit to the wonderful Chicago Botanic Garden.


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